In 3 months, I’m walking with team “Noah’s Hope” for St. Jude.  And yes, I’m looking for sponsors.

In April of 2011, my son Noah was diagnosed with Stage Three T-Cell Lymphoma.  After two years of treatment, my son’s cancer free and for the second time since his diagnosis, he’s walking with the team bearing his name.  If our team raises the most money for our region, “Noah’s Hope” leads all of the other teams from the starting line.  And this year, this means leading around Springfield Cardinal’s Hammons Field.  Yes, yes….All teams raising funds are winners, but, it’s also a ministry opportunity for our team.  This year “Noah’s Hope” t-shirts will not only say “The Cancer Wars” (in honor of Noah’s love for “Star Wars”) but it will also share a truly meaningful verse: “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.”  And THAT is “Noah’s Hope.”  Jesus.

Today, Noah’s in remission, and has been for almost 18 months.  But many other kids are currently fighting a battle that impacts the entire family.  Alleviating financial responsibility on the household affords families the opportunity to focus on Cancer…a big enough stressor on its own.

Last year I raised a little over $900. and this year I’m setting my sights higher.  I’d love to personally raise at least $1,000.  If you’d consider a $5 donation…all of you, Noah’s Hope would easily raise the most funds and I’d break last year’s personal fundraising mark.  More importantly, kids win.

Kids like my son, Noah.

So, will you open up your wallets and pocketbooks?  Will your forego that morning coffee or a daily trip to the vending machines?  Will you give up a fast food value meal to help kids with cancer?  Here’s the link:

So, can you?  Can You Spare $5?