History often repeats itself.

Maybe not with exact precision, but occasionally snippets of past historical events re-emerge, triggering memories of days gone by.  Fads come…go…and come again.  For instance, fashion to a certain extent, functions in this cyclical manner.   Even Biblical history repeats itself.   Last year, an occurrence at the Democratic National Convention shared something in common with an account in the lives of Jesus and the Apostle Peter.  No…no one walked on water or turned water into wine.  But a significant percentage of the party delegates played the role of Peter in one of his most notorious moments, the occasion of his thrice denial of Christ.

After the arrest of Jesus, Peter milled around the courtyard awaiting the fate of Christ.  Noting Peter’s presence, the crowd asked Peter if he was one of Jesus’ followers.  Peter refuted having any relationship with Jesus, voicing these denials three times.   When the rooster crowed, Peter remembered Jesus’ words,

“”Truly I tell you, this very night, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.”  Matthew 26:34

So, how does the aforementioned Biblical account apply to the Democratic National Convention?  In the Fall of last year, abandoning language from previous gatherings, the DNC presented a platform without the mention of “God” and without the designation of “Jerusalem” as the Capitol of Israel.  These head scratching omissions ignited a firestorm.  Social media disseminated the news that the Democrats could now be categorized as “Godless.”  Within a few hours, a delegate presented a resolution to amend the platform, re-inserting both “God” and “Jerusalem” in the document.  Aiming to right the “oversight,” DNC Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa announced the party required a 2/3 vote to amend the party platform.  Calling for a voice vote of “ayes” and “nays,” the Party Chair squirmed as the volume of affirmative and negative votes sounded identical.  After three separate votes, he unilaterally passed the amendment as those opposed booed the correction.

Three times he called for a vote and three times at least half of the delegates chorused contempt for God and Jerusalem.  There’s no doubt Party leaders, possibly including the President, ordered Mr. Villaraigosa,

“No matter the vote, pass the amendment.”

At the DNC, a political party chair resorted to cheating to acknowledge God’s Providence, a truly sad commentary on the spiritual state of America.

A few months ago, the Missouri Baptist newspaper, “The Pathway” shared the following results from a Gallup poll:

“Most Democrats, 52 percent, say they seldom or never go to church.  Twenty percent said they go to church nearly weekly or monthly.  Thirty-eight percent of Republicans said they seldom or never go to church, while 21 percent said they go to church nearly weekly or monthly.  When asked what their religious denomination was, 19 percent of Democrats said they had none, while 9 percent of Republicans said they belonged to no denomination.

Recently a friend of a friend said,

“Democrats have no hope of going to Heaven.”

I do not endorse his remarks.

“Man sees the outward appearance, God sees the heart.”

However, the poll answers some questions about the liberals’ stance on social issues, particularly abortion and homosexuality.  If a majority of democrats steer clear of church, then the odds of adopting a biblical worldview seem slim.  Without a biblical worldview it becomes easy for “man to do what seems right in his own eyes….”

No wonder they booed God.