The Bing Dictionary defines applause in the following manner:

“the clapping of hands as a sign of welcome, enjoyment, appreciation or approval”

We applaud for a variety of reasons.  We clap our hands to express appreciation for a moving concert.  We jump to our feet in wild applause as the Home team trounces the visiting rival.  Depending upon denomination, some clap to honor God in weekly worship services.  But then….there’s applause for abortion?

Most, if not all, know the undeniable satisfaction of being applauded.  Even though many of you deny celebrity status, think back to your youth.  Did you ever play on a sports team, participate in a concert, or walk across the stage at graduation?  Even if the only people clapping were your parents, their rousing applause functioned as a hearty “slap on the back” or a bear hug from afar.  And, though people utilize applause for enthusiastic praise, sometimes people applaud behaviors that break the heart of God.

Last year, a select group of liberal bloggers and abortion activists served on a panel at a Netroots Nation event.   Melissa Clouthier, a conservative pro-life blogger attended the event for reporting purposes.  Instead of summarizing, I’ll share her experience in her own written words:

In an act of public bullying, one of the three speakers, Darcy Burner of Washington (the others being Elizabeth Warren and Mazie Hirono), asked women who had had an abortion to stand up in front of the other attendees.  It was difficult to estimate the number of women as they were sprinkled through out the audience.  They stood alone while Burner admonished the attendees to hold their applause.

Then Burner asked the others seated in the audience to stand and give these women a standing ovation.  The audience complied enthusiastically.  I sat during this spectacle.

Burner said, “If you are a woman in this room, and statistically this is true of about 1/3 of women in this room, if you’re a woman in this room who has had an abortion and is willing to come out about it, please stand up.

Nearly every woman stood and applauded those who chose to terminate pregnancies.

Obviously, those who insist liberal desire abortion be,

“Safe, legal, and rare”

shy away from explaining standing ovations for women who choose to terminate pregnancies.  One woman even proclaimed that a Planned Parenthood ought to occupy every street corner in America…..So much for rare…..

The Bible references instances when God clapped.  On certain occasions, clapping expressed disgust and anger.  In Ezekiel 22:12 God says,

“I will surely strike my hands together at the unjust and at the blood you have shed in your midst.”

One only wonders that while women stood flaunting a godless decision, others lavishing enthusiastic applause for their “choice”… wonders if God struck His hands together in one thunderous clap as well.