American culture’s waging a battle against the religious right.  Somewhere along the way, people have forgotten the First Amendment and decided to trump it with a call of tolerance for every lifestyle under the sun…tolerance for everyone, except the religious right.

Currently, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s weighing her options, deciding whether to veto SB 1062.  Republicans in the state say the bill is designed to protect business owners with strong religious beliefs from discrimination lawsuits that have happened in other states…lawsuits involving gay couples pitted against business owners who refuse to extend their services because they do not support same sex marriage or events promoting the homosexual agenda.  Instead of homosexual couples seeking other businesses more than eager to provide wedding day accoutrements or specialized apparel, some enlisted organizations like the ACLU to sue the business owners for acts of discrimination.  Some Liberals even liken these instances to the establishments refusing to serve African Americans during the period of Jim Crow Laws.  The comparison’s laughable.

In fact, try asking a black person if the plight of the African American during slavery and Jim Crow compares to a same sex organization requesting a Christian owned t-shirt shop to print apparel advertising a homosexual event.   A case in Kentucky addressed this very issue.

At the center of the conflict was the refusal by Christian owned “Hands On Originals” to print t-shirts for the GLSO’s annual Pride Festival.  The owner of the t-shirt shop declined to run the order because he disagreed with the message of the shirt.  The t-shirt logo included the number “5” on the front with “Lexington Pride Festival” and a list of sponsors on the back.   The owner of the store noted it has hired homosexuals and has printed shirts for homosexuals previously, but not shirts celebrating a lifestyle the owner deems sinful.  Instead of the GLSO exercising tolerance, it instead brought a complaint to The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission.  Not surprising, the Commission sided with the GLSO and now the case will go to a public hearing unless both sides make amends outside of court.  Undoubtedly those amends involve the t-shirt owner caving on his deeply held religious conviction.  Attorney for the t-shirt company, Alliance Defending Freedom’s Jim Campbell, made the following statement,

“Americans in the marketplace should not be subject to legal attacks simply for abiding by their beliefs.  The Constitution prohibits the government from forcing business owners to promote messages they disagree with.”

And therein rages the battle.  People of all stripes argue for the necessity of tolerance, but really mean,

“I’ll be tolerant of you, if I agree with your ideology.”

The group of people suffering the most “discrimination” at this time is not the miniscule gay population but the branch of conservative Christians who adhere to the Bible’s teachings on homosexuality and the Biblical definition of marriage.

If a homosexual couple can’t accept the fact that a private business owner refuses to sanction their ceremony or event, they should find another caterer, or photographer, florist, or t-shirt designer.  Even though the President’s opinion “evolved on the issue,” God’s doesn’t.   With that being said, Christians who remain resolved on the issue stand on the side of the Creator, forsaking the downward spiraling societal norm.

For those who shy away from using the Bible as a source of morality, claiming the Scripture’s outdated, there’s still the issue of the Constitution…and the First Amendment….and Freedom.  You know, exceptional American attributes that leave a bad taste in the Left’s mouth.

America’s floundering, and to right the ship, Conservatives need to continue standing for truth and righteousness.  The Bible teaches, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”  For America to once again assume the position of the most heralded and respected Country in the world, there must first be a turning to God and secondly an ideological change in the oval office.

Prayer can convene immediately.

The ideological change commences in November 2016.

May God bless America.