My Church family attended opening night of “God’s Not Dead,” and I can honestly say it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. I posted a blog about the film, a synopsis and some personal thoughts, but then I decided to contact some of the actors/actresses and see if they’d agree to an email interview for my blog. The first to graciously accept was Paul Kwo, who played “Martin Yip” in the movie.  (For those familiar with the movie, he played the foreign student and the first to stand and proclaim, “God’s Not Dead.”)  Now I’m excited to share with you my second email interview.  This time you’ll be hearing from Cory Oliver who played “Mina,” the Professor’s romantic interest.

Tell us a little about your upbringing.  Where are you originally from?  Married?  Kids? etc.

I was born up North in Redwood City and moved to a small town when my parents divorced at the age of 4. I was raised as a Christian and considered myself a believer, but didn’t understand the meaning of having a relationship with God. I went to church on Sundays, prayed occasionally and alway professed that Jesus was my Savior. It wasn’t until I went through a divorce and became a single mom that I started a heavy dialogue with God.

I realized I needed to understand that although I saw my life going a certain way, God had a different plan.   I pressed in, prayed everyday ( 10 times a day) and got to know God and his Son.  James 4:8 says,

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

Like any relationship goes, you will get out what you put into it. I can’t go a day without Him and I continue to develop a stronger and deeper understanding of who He is.  And He continues to amaze me with His plan and purpose. I just love Him so….

When did you become a Christian?

I was raised in a Christian home and have believed in God and Jesus my whole life.  It wasn’t until I went through “The Fire” (trials and tribulations), that I developed a relationship with God. Now I don’t do anything without consulting Him first!!!

How did you come to play a part in “God’s Not Dead?”

I was praying in my kitchen one day, crying out to God. I said,

” Lord, your Word says, delight yourself in the Lord and you will give us the desires of our heart. You know my desire. If it’s not from You, then please put another desire in my heart.”

Two weeks later I was presented with the audition for The Book Of Esther ( my favorite character in the Bible-other than Jesus) and from there they asked me to audition for the movie God’s not Dead as the role of “Mina.”

What other roles have you played?

I have been an actress for 22 years. I took a season off to raise my daughter and when I decided to go back to it, I told her and she said, “Well, lets pray about it mommy.” A year later… Prayers were answered. Habakkuk 2:3- Though it tarry, wait for it!!!

How did you enjoy working with the leads, Shane Harper and Kevin Sorbo?

It was a privilege and an honor to work with both.  They are sincerely men of Character and Integrity on and off screen.  True professionals.   And who wouldn’t want to work along side Hercules?  😉

Can you relate to the character you played in the movie?

Indeed, on many levels.  That is why I felt so compelled to do this movie.  I understand the importance of being equally yoked.  Two people can truly love one another, but it is important to realize there will be tough times in any relationship and if both are answering to God, His grace and mercy always persevere.  It is when one chooses his/her own free will and doesn’t believe (isn’t a Believer), things can get rough and sometimes end as a result.

Are you surprised by the support for the film on its opening weekend?

I am both overwhelmed and humbled by the response on opening weekend as well as this last week. It has truly been a blessing to see where God is taking this movie.  He has a Divine plan ( Jeremiah 29:11) that I surrendered to years ago.  It’s just an incredible feeling to know He is in the drivers seat!!!

Do you hope to play other parts in future productions by PureFlix?  

I would LOVE to do more movies with PureFlix. Perhaps a sequel??? :))))

Tell us a bit about your work on Holly wood Pawn.

I was hired as the Hollywood movie memorabilia expert for “The Dina Collection” in Beverly Hills and once again God has used it to glorify Him on a show called Beverly Hills Pawn on the Reelz Channel.  There have been so many divine appointments behind the scenes, from praying with a man that wanted to end his life, to passing out Fireproof movies to couples that wanted to end their marriage, and encouraging the broken hearted.  I just keep asking God, please present me with more opportunities to serve Your Kingdom and they just keep coming.  It is not about me it is about Him.  He will use us all if we allow him to. God is in the details.  We just have to be willing to be still ( Psalm 46:10) and listen, for He will surely be exalted in our daily lives.

What is your favorite faith based film?

Aside from God’s not Dead, I believe The Passion of the Christ brought me to my knees.  It was truly a powerful movie that Inspired so many to establish a relationship with God as well as Jesus. I am praying that will be the same for God’s Not Dead. It is an inspiring movie that has already revealed so many miracles.  I am just so very grateful to God and Pureflix for allowing me to be a part of it.

If you’d like to keep up with Cory, you can follow her @CoryOliverOne on Twitter.  Please share this interview with family and friends and pray that God will open the door for me to interview others from the film.