A couple of weeks ago, I discovered I enjoyed interviewing people and posting answers about their lives on my blog. I started with some of the primary actors/actresses from “God’s Not Dead.” Now I hope to share several entries from Conservatives who work diligently to wheel America back to the Right. First up is recent college graduate and young Conservative, Amy Lutz.

I don’t know much more about you than your Twitter Bio which shares, “Reagan Republican, aspiring historian, Nutella aficionado.  James Madison is my spirit animal.  In a library somewhere.”  Could you tell us a bit more about yourself?  Where are you from? Where did you graduate from college?

I’m a recent graduate of Saint Louis University, where I studied History. I’m planning on pursuing a Master’s degree in the subject in the future.

I know politics eats up a lion’s share of your life, but what do you enjoy outside of the political arena?

Outside of politics, I love to read (non-fiction, primarily), and I also like to play tennis, watch movies, and bake.

Why do you consider yourself a Reagan Republican?  What are some of the most compelling reasons for you to embrace Conservatism? 

I got my conservatism from my family, many of whom own small businesses. I saw the harm that regulations and over-burdening taxation have on small businesses and thus became a proponent of a “freer” free market. I believe in the power of the individual to make choices for their own lives and support policies that allow the least government influence in said decisions as possible. I also am a big supporter of the right to life. I consider myself a “Reagan Republican,” because not only do I support the platform of the GOP, but I believe that Ronald Reagan exemplified the principles of compromise, common sense, and a strong foreign policy which the modern day GOP should follow.

Tell us a bit more about your website youngfederalist.com

I founded my website a couple years ago to house my writings on politics, history and culture. I named it “Young Federalist,” because of my admiration for the early Federalists who helped shape the Constitution. I sporadically post opinion pieces on the site from a young conservative perspective.

Do you see signs that there could be a Conservative resurgence in America and if so, what do you consider to be some of those sign posts?

I would like to think that there will be a shift to the right in the US over the next couple years, but only time will tell. After a turbulent primary season, I hope that conservatives can unify behind the Republican Party and take back the Senate from the Democrats. With a Republican victory in 2014 and 2016, I hope that we’ll be on our way to instituting sound, conservative policies and rolling back the progressive policies of the current administration.

Lastly, does faith play any role in your espousing Conservative values?

My Christian faith is very important to my political views. I believe in the dignity of the individual and the gift of free will, both of which are respected in a free society. I believe in the Judeo-Christian values that our country was founded upon and wish they were more respected in today’s culture.

I want to offer a special thanks to Amy Lutz for allowing us a closer look into her life. Obviously this Country needs more young Conservatives like her. You can follow Amy on Twitter @amylutz4 and be sure to check out her website youngfederalist.com.