A few weeks ago, I discovered I enjoyed interviewing people and posting answers about their lives on my blog. I started with some of the primary actors/actresses from “God’s Not Dead.” Now I hope to share several entries from Conservatives who work diligently to wheel America back to the Right.  Please take a moment to become more acquainted with Lindsey Kolb.

I don’t know much more about you than your Twitter Bio which reads, “Missouri College Republicans State Vice Chair, MSU CRs Chair, SGA Chief of Staff, Vineyard Vines Campus Rep., Political Communication major. Campaigner. ΑΔΠ ” 

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself?  For starters, where are you from?

I currently live in Springfield, MO.  I grew up in Cape Girardeau, MO.

Where are you attending college and what degree are your pursuing?

In a student at Missouri State University and I am majoring in Socio-Political Communication with a Press Politics certificate. Basically this combines Sociology, Political Science, and Communication courses into one. I study people with Sociology; I study politics and how it affects people in Political Science, and I study how to effectively communicate with people through politics in Communication courses.

What are some of your interests outside of politics?

Outside of politics I’m a pretty involved student. I do a lot of volunteering at the local food bank, Ozark Food Harvest, and I also am a volunteer coach for the Glendale High School speech and debate team.  Overall this semester, I volunteered over 120 hours.

I love design and digital media.  I use Photoshop and InDesign to create different posters etc. for people.

I’m a fan of classical literature and biographies.  I spent a lot of time studying early American and European authors.  My favorite is Henry David Thoreau’s book “Walden.”

Your Twitter Bio shares, “Missouri Republicans State Vice Chair.”  Tell us more about this position.

I currently serve as the State Vice Chair of the Missouri College Republicans state board. With this position I am in charge of the chapters and all the members of College Republicans in the state of Missouri.  We have over 26 chapters with thousands of members in the state.  I’m able to represent the College Republicans at many events and I get to travel all over the US.  The state board is the official voice of the College students who are Republican in Missouri.  We strive to empower young people to get involved with politics, volunteering, being engaged citizens, and reaching out to them to help in whatever needs they may have.

What exactly is “Vineyard Vines” and what is your role as Campus Representative?

Vineyard Vines is a clothing brand that specializes in preppy men’s and women’s clothing. As a campus representative  I promote and market their items to the students at my college.  I don’t sell anything–I just wear the clothes and promote the label on campus.  I get to host events where students get free promotional items to promote the brand.  It’s a great job and a fantastic company to work for.

Do you see signs that there could be a Conservative resurgence in America, and if so, what do you consider to be some of those sign posts?

I think there could be a Conservative resurgence.  I think young people are starting to realize that the failed polices of the left don’t actually benefit them.  More young people have started to lean Libertarian rather than being full on Democrat.   That’s closer to Conservatism than before.  Generally, I think Americans are tired of the Democrats’ lies and failed programs.  They just need to get it through their heads that it’s caused by the Democrats and not all the Republicans.  The social issues are what really drive us apart.  I think America is leaning definitely more left and progressive on almost all social issues.  I’m not sure if social issues are a winnable debate anymore.  This doesn’t mean that our position on the issue has lost or that they are wrong.  It simply means that there are more people that think differently than us.  I think we have a better chance at winning people over with economic, state vs national rights issues, and foreign affairs than we do with people and social issues.

How does your faith impact your political views?

A lot of the morals and standards in my life come from having a strong Christian background.  Christ was the ultimate example of living a pure and spotless life and we should try to live up to that standard even though we may fail.  I believe that politics give us a great avenue to show our true colors to people. When the bible says that you should love your neighbor and respect your authority, does this apply to those people who despise you because of your beliefs and who attack you at every chance?   Yes, it does. Just because I don’t agree with democrats or other people based off their political views doesn’t mean they are less person than I am.  It doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love them.  I believe that if I show Christ’s life through my actions that it will win others over to our side whether they are Democrat, Conservative, etc.

My faith is the foundation for all my political beliefs.  Before making a decision of whether something is legal or not, I look at the standard of morality that was set forth in the bible.

Looking down the road, what political aspirations do you have for the next several years? 

Once I graduate college in a couple years I plan to work on political campaigns professionally.  I would love to be a campaign manager for a statewide race or a U.S. Senate or Congressional race.  I plan on eventually running for public office in the state of Missouri.  I would love to serve the incredible people of my state and be their voice in the government.  I believe we need more people that want to serve the people as political leaders than authoritarian and pompous leaders that we have in government today.  It would be incredible to serve in that capacity.


I want to offer a special thanks to Lindsey Kolb for allowing us a closer look into her life.  Obviously, this Country needs more young Conservatives like her.  You can follow Lindsey on Twitter @Lindsey_Kolb and be sure to check out her website lindseymkolb.com.