Daily news reports continue to confirm our Country’s declining on all levels.  Scandals rock the Obama Administration, and still almost half of America supports the President and his agenda.  One of the most recent aspersions to make waves involves the Internal Revenue Service and its practice of targeting groups with ideologies different from those occupying the White House.  It has come to light that email correspondence between Lois Lerner and other top administrative officials “mysteriously” disappeared because of an untimely hard drive crash.  If you believe that, I’ve got ocean front property in Wyoming, and I’m looking for investors….

Anyway, on the evening of June 23rd, a House Committee called IRS Commissioner Koskinen to testify for a second time about “email gate.”  Before launching into the interrogation, Darrell Issa ordered the Commissioner to raise his right hand to take the oath.  Issa asked,

“Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…..”

The Commissioner replied,

“I do.”

Issa omitted the most important phrase of the oath,

“…so help me God.”

And therein lies America’s problem.

A recent article online interested me.  The piece highlighted cases of moral failure in the military and the efforts to stem the lapses in principled judgment.  In February of this year (2014), Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel expressed concern over rising instances of ethical problems in the military and ordered service leaders to add urgency to their drive to ensure “moral character and moral courage” on the heels of more than a decade of war.

Moral character?  Moral courage?  Those are absolute virtues of necessity in our nation’s armed forces.  However, the current climate propagated by our current Commander in Chief sets the stage for morality to nosedive.

Fox News Contributor Todd Starnes has identified the problem plaguing our military.  It’s the concerted effort to kick God from our nation’s military installations.  In an article entitled, “Pentagon Grilled About Christians In Military” he reports about instances of Christianity coming under attack in the ranks of our Country’s servicemen and women.  Some of the complaints registered include:

– A Navy directive that banned Bibles at Walter Reed Hospital

– An Army email that listed prominent Christian ministries like the Family Research Council and America Family Association as “domestic hate groups.”

– An Army Reserve program that listed Evangelical Christians and Catholics as examples of religious extremism

– The Air Force banning the word ‘God’ from an Air Force patch logo – even though the reference had no religious connotation

Obviously, Hagel fails to realize that when God’s kicked to the curb, the world goes to “hell in a hand basket.”  The Bible expressly teaches that when Godly leadership ceases to exist, everyone does “what’s right in his own eyes.”  Sadly, what man considers right often contradicts the teaching of God’s Word, falling miserably short of God’s ideal for humanity.  If one strips God from the military, then this Country’s leaders shouldn’t be shocked at a precipitous dip in the moral and ethical behavior of our nation’s soldiers.

The following dialogue from one of my favorite movies (Remember the Titans) identifies the problem plaguing our military:

Bertier : Listen, I’m Gerry, you’re Julius. Let’s just get some particulars and get this over with.

Big Ju: Particulars? Man, no matter what I tell you, you ain’t never gonna know nothing about me.

Bertier: Listen, I ain’t running any more of these three-a-days

Big Ju: Well, what I’ve got to say, you really don’t wanna hear ‘cuz honesty ain’t too high upon your people’s priorities.

Bertier: Honesty? You want honesty? Honestly, I think you’re nothing. Nothing but a pure waste of God-given talent. You don’t listen to nobody, man! Not even Doc or Boone! Shiver push on the line everytime and you blow right past ’em! Push ’em, pull ’em, do something! You run over everyone in this league, and everytime you do you leave one of your teammates hanging out to dry, me in particular!

Big Ju: Why should I give a hoot about you, huh? Or anyone else out there? You wanna talk about the ways you’re the captain?

Bertier: Right.

Big Ju: You got a job?

Bertier: I’ve got a job.

Big Ju: You been doing your job?

Bertier: I’ve been doing my job.

Big Ju: Then why don’t you tell your white buddies to block for Rev better? Because they have not blocked for him worth a blood nickel, and you know it! Nobody plays. Yourself included. I’m supposed to wear myself out for the team? What team? Nah, nah what I’m gonna do is look out for myself and I’ma get mine.

Bertier: See man, that’s the worst attitude I ever heard.

Big Ju: Attitude reflects leadership, captain.

Attitude reflects leadership, Mr. Hagel.  Attitude reflects leadership.