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October 2014

Houston Has a First Amendment Problem

Houston has a First Amendment Problem.

Lawyers  for the city of Houston have subpoenaed sermons of Conservative religious leaders.  Their intent?  To identify Pastors who might have spoken out against an equal rights ordinance approved by the Houston City Council in May of this year.  This ordinance, which bans racial and sexual discrimination in city employment, contracting, housing and public accommodations creates controversy because men and women can utilize public restrooms based upon their gender feelings, not their biological makeup.

Mayor Annise Parker says she only found out recently that the lawyers had requested sermon transcripts.  She claims the request to be overly broad.  However, her Tweet of October 14th hints otherwise:

If the 5 pastors used pulpits for politics, their sermons are fair game. Were instructions given on filling out anti-HERO petition?-A

Fair game Ms. Parker?  Hardly.

According to the IRS, all pastors and churches are banned from “directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.”  But, this law doesn’t restrict every type of political speech.

Pastors can educate his parishioners about the issues and can even endorse ballot referenda.  The law only prohibits the pastor from endorsing any particular candidate, as this threatens the revocation of the Church’s tax exempt status.

Leftists cry foul when Churches address the political issues of the day through the lens of God’s Word, believing the men behind the pulpits have overstepped their bounds.  In reality, the issue at hand isn’t one of limiting a Pastor’s speech rights but of a concerted effort to silence those who believe the homosexual/transgender/gender neutral lifestyles an abomination in the sight of God.

The agenda pushed in Houston would allow men and women to use public restrooms of their choice.  Imagine for a moment a typical Sunday morning at Church and little Sarah slips away from Mom and Dad to use the bathroom.  While in the stall, someone else walks in, and when Sara steps up to the sink to wash her hands, she sees the reflection of a man standing behind her.  There’s great potential for the suggested scenario to play out in Churches across America.  “Pat” informs the Pastor he feels like a female, and strolls into the women’s restroom.  In reality, he doesn’t feel like a woman, but instead is a child predator.

It could happen, right?

Senator Ted Cruz delivered his thoughts concerning Houston’s attempt to infringe upon religious liberty:

“Yet as we’ve seen it across the country, our hearts are particularly broken that we are seeing it (religious liberty attacked) here in Houston, Texas. This week, the government of Houston, Texas sent a subpoena to silence prayers. The government of Houston, Texas demanded of the pastors, hand over your sermons to the government. The city of Houston has no power – no legal authority – to silence the church. Caesar has no jurisdiction over the pulpit, and when you subpoena one pastor, you subpoena every pastor.”

The month of October is designated as “Pastor Appreciation Month.”  Continue to pray for those pastors who boldly proclaim the Word of God.  It appears religious liberties continue to come under attack, and those men behind the pulpits are standing in the crosshairs of a Liberal agenda intent on silencing not only the voice of religious liberty but also the voice of truth.



Purple Penguins? Preposterous and Pathetic

News outlets broke the story that a school district in Nebraska has decided to discard words that identify specific genders.  No more “boys and girls” or “ladies and gentlemen.”  Instead, teachers are encouraged to use terms that are gender inclusive.  A training document developed by Gender Spectrum encourages teachers to say things like ‘calling all readers,’ or ‘hey campers’ or ‘could all of the athletes come here.’  Or, the training material encourages the class to adopt a mascot name like ‘Purple Penguins.’

This is political correctness run amok….

Genesis 1 begins,

In the beginning, God created….

God spoke the words and the universe and everything in it appeared.  Genesis 1:26 and 27 says the following:

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground.

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

If one takes time to scour the Bible, not once does God concern Himself with gender inclusiveness.  God expects humanity to embrace the gender of his or her birth.  To choose otherwise implies God made a mistake when knitting together life in the mother’s womb.

But I want to address another concern, one strangely ignored by all of the talking heads discussing this new policy.

What about the penguins?

Has anyone considered the feelings of the penguin?  Primarily, penguins are black and white.  Some sport an additional patch of orange and yellow.  But purple?  Nada.  Where does PETA stand in this controversial move?  Surely calling penguins, purple, offends those birds whose heritage of black and white can be traced to the dawn of Creation.  I can imagine colonies of penguins, waddling downcast, demoralized over the purple designation.  Who will be their advocate?  Will Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ride snowmobiles into the rookeries and deliver words of consolation?  Our Country bends over backwards to be politically correct, but what about penguin correct?

America has lost its mind.

Oh, and by the way, penguins come in males and females…..


Downfall to Grace

Downfall to Grace – By Bryan Ridenour

A light appears in formless void,
A masterpiece of God’s own breath.
Hope springs to life and all is good,
‘Til man rebels and enters death.

A garden spot pre-planned by God,
A place for mankind’s birth from dust.
Plenteous garden, bountiful delight,
One tree denied, to obey a must.

Harmonic peace, mankind and creature,
Evening walks with Holy God.
The Milky Way and constellations,
Pathways where the angels trod.

No weeds to pluck or thorns to prune,
No fear of dark or fevered brow.
A test put forth from God’s creation,
A choice to make is proffered now.

The serpent’s guile, man’s tempting snare,
The fruit enticing wanton eyes.
Taste forbidden, truth forgotten,
Paradise lost, a swallowed lie.

Homeless now, despairing couple,
The naked truth they now must face.
The garden’s glory bleak and faded,
All hope is lost…No! ‘Tis God’s grace.

A sacrificial skin to cover,
Faultless blood for mankind’s sin.
A picture of Christ’s blood atoning,
Paradise found now once again.

To Whom a Rose is Due

To Whom a Rose is Due

by Bryan Ridenour

B’side laughing brook, ‘neath yon willow tree,
There flourishes a rose quite exquisite
A glorious red, one’s breath doth take,
Its splendor, a couple did visit.

The boughs of the willow, guard blooming delight,
From those seeking nature’s repose.
But one day a man with his lady beside,
Took refuge, discov’ring the rose.

A beauty so rare, none else can compare,
Carnelian blush, aglowing.
Admiring the bloom, in the safe willow’s tomb,
A masterful gift unfolding.

Examining the petals, the stem, and the thorns,
Incomparable, flawless in form.
Slipping out from the tree, in the cool eve’ning breeze,
A commitment of love now is born.

The man dropped to his knee, and with one simple plea,
Begged her hand in a marriage endeavor,
With an affirmative kiss, oh the joy, oh the bliss,
They would now spend their whole life together.

Now the man knew in truth, that the most comely of flow’rs,
Strolled beside, and for her he did fall.
Sprinting back to the tree, he dropped down to one knee,
Picking the rose for the fairest of all.

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