Downfall to Grace – By Bryan Ridenour

A light appears in formless void,
A masterpiece of God’s own breath.
Hope springs to life and all is good,
‘Til man rebels and enters death.

A garden spot pre-planned by God,
A place for mankind’s birth from dust.
Plenteous garden, bountiful delight,
One tree denied, to obey a must.

Harmonic peace, mankind and creature,
Evening walks with Holy God.
The Milky Way and constellations,
Pathways where the angels trod.

No weeds to pluck or thorns to prune,
No fear of dark or fevered brow.
A test put forth from God’s creation,
A choice to make is proffered now.

The serpent’s guile, man’s tempting snare,
The fruit enticing wanton eyes.
Taste forbidden, truth forgotten,
Paradise lost, a swallowed lie.

Homeless now, despairing couple,
The naked truth they now must face.
The garden’s glory bleak and faded,
All hope is lost…No! ‘Tis God’s grace.

A sacrificial skin to cover,
Faultless blood for mankind’s sin.
A picture of Christ’s blood atoning,
Paradise found now once again.