Over the Christmas break, I read an interesting tidbit from early American History.  I discovered that William Blount, a North Carolina Representative and invitee to the Constitutional Convention, showed up almost 6 weeks late to the Convention because hemorrhoids and horseback riding don’t go well together.  It’s almost humorous that hemorrhoids almost prevented this man from missing the most important convention in American history.  Imagine the ribbing Blount endured from the Founders when he finally showed up.  Had Blount comprehended the gravity of the meeting, surely he would’ve hired a driver and reclined in the back of a buggy.  Participating in a meeting of this magnitude was literally history in the making.  Yet, itching and rectal pain hampered his travel plans.

I think I would’ve done whatever it took to get to the Convention.  Freedom matters that much.

I think back to the 2012 Presidential election. Under no circumstances should President Obama have won a second term.  All the warning signs pointed to a continued downward spiral into the abyss of hellish Liberalism, but instead of Evangelicals flooding the voting precincts, they chose to stay home instead of voting for a “Rhino” Mormon.  I’m still uncertain as to which designation hindered Mr. Romney more.

I unapologetically voted for Mitt Romney.  I didn’t agree with his every view, but I never questioned his desire for America to thrive and to resume its righful place as a “city on a hill.”  I hope those who chose not to vote feel ashamed.

Deeply ashamed.

In 2016, an election of great importance once again presents itself. Yes, America needs a Conservative restoration, but it won’t happen immediately. This means casting a ballot for a “Rhino” in 2016 might be necessary to counter the Democrat bid to elect Hillary Clinton or an even more leftist nomination of Elizabeth Warren. Conservatives, be willing to take baby steps. Band together to defeat Liberalism then form a cooperative alliance to vote in an even more Conservative individual in the next general election. Hold the Senate and House accountable and in a few short years, we might see a “Reaganesque” America once again.

I know this leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some, but unfortunately we must occasionally swallow our pride and vote for the lesser of two evils.  America’s teetering under the oppressive weight of an Administration hell-bent on destroying her.  Another 4 – 8 years of Clinton or Obama on steroids (Elizabeth Warren) might be the Country’s death knell.

In 2016, I’ll be voting against Liberalism, hopefully for a wonderful, Conservative candidate.  But no matter what, I will cast a ballot to thwart the Left’s efforts.  I’ll vote no matter what.

Not even hemorrhoids will keep me home.