Has America lost her moral compass?

Another Planned Parenthood video was released today.  If you suffer from a weak stomach, watching the video is not recommended.  In this expose’, viewers glimpse into a laboratory responsible for harvesting organs from aborted babies.  They treat the process as casually as flossing teeth or collecting lint from a dress coat, dropping tiny appendages on a pie plate.

The person narrating the video lands a job at a harvesting  company, and on the very first day steps into a lab room and is immediately shown the proper technique of extracting “fetal tissue” from the abortive remains.  A technician points out heart, lungs, brain and limbs and then asks the trainee to identify the organs.  As she begins to identify each remain, she blacks out.  Coming to a few moments later, a caretaker explained that her reaction still happens occasionally to veterans in the field.

Why would anyone choose to stick with a job that induces anxiety attacks and periodic fainting?  The answer has to be money.

Employees chatted about the price of certain baby parts.  In the second Planned Parenthood video, Dr. Gatter suggests $75 per “specimen.”  If a medical professional performs a “less crunchy” abortion, an aborted baby’s remains might bring $300 in the fetal tissue research market.  Three hundred dollars multiplied by the one million babies aborted per year in America, yields a substantial sum of money.

Now, Planned Parenthood’s scrambling to facilitate damage control, pleading with the mainstream news media to ignore the “sensationalized hype.”  If ABC, NBC, and CBS ignore this developing story, then prolife advocates need to be shouting the news from the rooftops.  Our Country has stooped to the devilish low of not only killing its most innocent citizens, but  shredding their bodies for profit.

Because of our porous borders, many fear the infiltration of ISIS into the United States of America.  Based upon the terrorist group’s barbaric methods in massacring the “infidels,” it appears there’s been an affiliate operating legally here under the guise of “women’s health” since 1973.

Has America lost her moral compass?