Each time another Planned Parenthood video hits the internet, it’s apparent that each one becomes more macabre than the one before.  Thus far we’ve witnessed medical doctors explaining concerted efforts to save intact “tissue;” one describing the procedure as performing a “less crunchy” abortion.  We’ve also listened in on the haggling of prices over the fetal parts, one expressing the concern of being “low-balled” and in the same breath joking about her dreams of owning a Lamborghini.  This fourth video, however, churns the stomach more than any other.


“It’s another boy.”

Another boy?  Forgive me for wrongly thinking clumps of tissue are gender neutral.

For years the abortion industry has proffered the lie that the growth inside the womb is nothing more than a clump of cells, others assuring prolife advocates that the abortive process mirrors that of the removal of an unwanted tumor.  Many people unwilling to research life processes have swallowed the lie, utilizing the abortion industry as just another method of birth control.  Dehumanizing the fledgling life growing inside of the mother’s womb, makes the process more palatable.  But maybe that’s about to change.  Recent videos exposing the procedures of Planned Parenthood will hopefully cause many to rethink their pro-choice ideologies.

“It’s another boy.”

Of course deep down, everyone knows when a woman conceives, she doesn’t urinate on a pregnancy test strip to ascertain whether she’s having a “clump of cells” or a “tumor.”  She checks to see if she’s pregnant…with child.  Only those wanting to soothe the conscience claim the life growing inside really isn’t a life at all.  Even Planned Parenthood, America’s number one abortion provider, speaks freely about the reality of the human life behind laboratory doors.  And that’s what’s so heartbreaking about this fourth video.  At one point, a medical technician sifts through the remains of an aborted baby and says,

“It’s another boy.”

It appears someone has recently stomped on the accelerator in America’s determined efforts to go to hell in a hand basket.

Come quickly Lord Jesus.