Every night my two year old and I enjoy a ritual.  I tuck her in, hold her hand, and tell “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”  I imagine I’ve told it sixty days in a row.  Occasionally, I add differing adjectives to describe the house or the response of the bears to their curious and impish home invader.  If for no other reason, the change helps me focus on being creative and at least helps entertain her longsuffering older sister who hears the same tale night after night.

Last evening, after the story and turning out the light, my two-year old said,

“That says ‘Jesus love me’.”

A small night light illuminated a very small portion of the room, my daughter and I sitting in darkness.  I strained to see a picture on the wall that might share those words.  I saw nothing.  Then I noticed the silhouette of her arm pointing directly at the night light.  A small gold Cross decorates the bulb.  No words.  Just the cross.

I said, “There are no words on the light Abby…” And then I stopped.

Did the night light really need the words “Jesus loves me” etched on the outer shell?  Of course not!  She was absolutely right.  The Cross loudly proclaims and reminds “Jesus Loves Me!”  I’ve decided that every time I see a cross draped around a neck or dangling from an ear, to consciously remind myself of Christ’s love.

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

Before I left the room, I patted Abby’s little hand and said, “You’re exactly right.  It does say ‘Jesus loves me’.”

Out of the mouth of babes..