I must admit, I did something I usually frown upon…reading book two before reading book one.  That being said, I found ‘Wilderness Rising’ by A.L. Shields to be a fantastic thriller.  The story centers upon a young woman wrongly accused of murder and terrorism.  A US fugitive, Bethany flees to Europe and ends up seeking out the legendary ‘Pilate Stone.’  Other organizations seek the stone as well.

The ‘Wilderness’ a group of atheists kidnapped a friend of Bethany and are holding her friend for ransom…the ‘Stone.’ The Wilderness hopes to prove the Pilate Stone says nothing corroborating the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and proclaim to the world that Christianity is a fraud.  On the side of good, the ‘Garden’ hopes the stone is found to prove to the world that the claims of Christ can be trusted.  In both groups’ minds, Christianity’s security hinges upon the inscription supposedly penned by Pilate.

As Bethany gets closer to finding the Pilate Stone, her life is now in danger.  Will she find the stone?  Will it prove Christianity or will the stone deliver a fatal blow to believers around the world.  Well, that’s for you to discover when you read, ‘Wilderness Rising.’

By the way, I definitely plan to pick up Book One in the series, ‘Church Builder.’