When I chose to review “The Mountain Midwife,” I did so for two reasons.  It was one of the only books that I could actually get in a hard copy and I thought after I read this book, my wife might enjoy it as well.  I opened this novel fully expecting it to be a boring chick read, but instead, I was pleasantly surprised.

Ashley Tolliver is a highly educated mountain midwife, carrying on the family tradition established almost two hundred years prior.  Accustomed to catching babies of the poorest of the poor and those with great wealth, Tolliver looks past the socioeconomic backgrounds of the women and serves each woman with genuine care and respect.  Though she loves delivering babies, Tolliver plans to leave the Appalachian Mountains and earn a doctor’s degree in medicine.

Enter Hunter McDermott.  One day he receives a strange call, the voice on the other end suggesting the woman he grew up calling “mom” was not his birth mother.  McDermott finds himself chasing clues in the Appalachian Mountains, enlisting the help of Ms. Ashley Tolliver.

Author Laurie Alice Eakes weaves in just enough intrigue and mystery to make this a read that I would recommend to female and male readers.  I give this book two thumbs up!