I guess you can call me “old school.”

Many people download books to their Kindles or other electronic devices and enjoy reading the “pages” off of a screen.  Not me.  I love to read books the old fashioned way, turning the pages of a published work.  Sadly I imagine, at some point in the future, books will no longer be published and the only available means of reading a book will be to download it from Amazon. But the good news is, that’s not today.

My family home schools, and I know how home school families love books. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a way to “earn” free books from Tyndale Publishing.  It can be found on TyndaleRewards.com  If you sign up there (free),the company offers differing ways to earn points, and points lead to free books. I’ve earned two already and a third is just a few more points away. And the great news is that these books are shipped freely as well. I haven’t explored the site enough to know how many books are geared towards kids and teenagers, but I do know they have several selections that would interest Moms and Dads. One of the ways to earn points is to refer people to the site…so, if this piques your curiosity, check it out. Feel free to ask questions!

Here’s my referral link:http://www.tyndalerewards.com/signup/?pc=dchy-tnhf-bpfr-288b  If you sign up to receive free Christian books using my link, I get ten points and you get 25!  So, what are you waiting for?  Sign up for free books!