Yesterday, I woke to news that broke my heart.  Allegations surfaced against a man I’ve championed, cheered and commended to others…allegations of infidelity.  I sat in stunned silence, wondering how I could so wrongly judge a man’s character.  As of now, the charges are only hearsay, and he insists these accusations are nothing more than political smears, but time will tell.  If the claims hold true, I’ll be so disappointed and deeply hurt that this man let me down.  A man I’ve never met, but thought I knew anyway.  Ted Cruz.

Later in the day, when I found out the source of the story, I cheered a bit.  The National Enquirer broke the news.  This is the same tabloid responsible for articles like “Boy Reads with His Ears,” and “Bigfoot Imprisons Lumberjack as Love Slave.”  The magazine’s propensity for the bizarre and unsubstantiated does little to qualify the publication as a reputable source.  Now, some with sources at the Enquirer say the story is a complete fabrication, concocted by the Rubio camp, but readily printed by the owner of the paper, David Pecker.  Pecker and Trump pal around on occasion.  So, maybe the story’s false and I can continue to support the only Constitutional Conservative remaining in the race.

The disappointment and disillusionment I suffered yesterday reminded me of another time in history when faithful supporters of a Man were devastated when they thought they had misjudged their leader.

For almost 3 years, the Disciples followed Jesus, witnessing miracles and hearing authoritative teaching.  The majority believed this Man was truly the Messiah and would conquer the Roman government, establishing His Kingdom upon the earth.  But these hopes came crashing down when the authorities arrested Jesus and sentenced Him to death.  Most of the Disciples scattered when the religious leaders and soldiers dragged Jesus off to Pilate.  I’m certain men like Peter, James, and John wondered why Jesus, the man able to walk on water and raise the dead, submitted to this arrest.  Why didn’t He resist?  Why didn’t He call upon His Father in heaven?  Had they wasted three years of their lives following an impostor?

After the crucifixion the closest followers of Jesus slunk away into the shadows, fearing for their own lives.  Had His ministry been a sham?  Was He a complete fraud able to deceive multitudes of people with His showmanship and captivating speech?  Were the religious leaders correct in accusing Jesus of being possessed by demons?  I picture the Disciples sitting in a dark room, debating the possibilities.  All battling disappointment and discouragement, devastated by great loss.  Blinded by crushing pain, the disciples failed to remember the teachings of Jesus about His sacrificial death and imminent resurrection.  The loss unspeakable; they hide to save their own necks.  None spoke of the future for a life running from the authorities depressed even the heartiest of souls.

But Sunday was coming.