I started America Look Up several years ago, during the Obama Administration, as I watched freedoms whittling away faster than Colin Kaepernick taking a knee at the playing of the National Anthem. I posted regularly, but became disillusioned as I found the platform unable to reach more people than my mother and wife…That’s not exactly true…but my readership was in the dozens. So, I started the Black Robed Regiment on Facebook on a whim. Today, the number of followers on BRR stands just short of 7,400. (Thanks for your support!)

When I posted a question on BRR about a person’s willingness to follow a blog, several commented either “yes” or depends upon the content. You can scroll through posts from yesteryear and find that many of the posts are still relevant today as we see a wider chasm now between Conservatives and Liberals.

I would challenge you to follow along as I try to address today’s issues both politically and spiritually.

Thanks for your support.