God has blessed my wife and I with six children, three boys…three girls….a modern day Brady Boggs8Bunch of sorts.  When our family piles out of the Suburban or strolls into the grocery store, our presence raises eyebrows.  I wish I had a nickel for every time a person asks, “You know how that happens, right?” My favorite response is, “My wife knows, but she won’t tell me.”

Truth be told, we love kids.  It’s that plain and simple. And because we love our children, we desire a great Country for them to live in now, and for generations to come.

We (our family) associate or tend to support a political Party that champions children, starting at conception.  We always cast a ballot for those representing the Party of Life.  In today’s culture, that’s a vote for the GOP candidate.  Some argue, “But my third Party candidate is pro-life.”  That’s great, but in our overwhelmingly entrenched two-party system, a third party candidate only serves to steal votes away from either the Democrat or Republican nominee.

As the 2020 race heats up, Conservatives must get out the vote. Evangelicals must flood the polls. Those bitterly opposed to Socialism must show up at the ballot box, casting a vote to stop the proliferation of ideas destined to bring our great Country to her knees .

Am I one hundred percent convinced Trump’s a true Conservative?  Absolutely not! And by Conservatism in this case, I’m referring to Conservative Christian values. As an Evangelical Christian, some of his life’s choices cause me concern. However, his policies resonate strongly with me…championing pro-life causes, appointing Conservative judges to lifetime appointments on the Supreme Court, fighting to control the influx of illegal immigrants crushing our Southern Border, staunchly supporting Israel…All of these stances should cause Americans to take great pride in our President’s effort to “Make America Great Again.”

If Conservatives exercise apathy at all in 2020, a Socialist Candidate might waltz into the Oval office, undoing four years of progress and catapulting the Country into a spending spree that crushes average Americans with an unbearable tax burden. The Party of AOC is either completely naive about how economics work or determined to drive this Country into a third world existence. Sadly, it may be the latter. And this doesn’t even touch the lunacy of championing 56 genders, infanticide and slave reparations.

The Left has lost its mind.

And if we aren’t careful, America could lose its soul.

America, look up.