In the last 24 hours, two cities have suffered mass shootings. In El Paso, 20 died; in Dayton, OH nine innocents perished. There are many questions today and the Federal Enforcement Agencies seek answers. Unfortunately, these acts of violence will be politicized, each side of the aisle blaming the other for the nation’s ills. Some call for the end to “thoughts and prayers” and demand action from Congress. Of course, the ultimate goal is abolishing the Second Amendment. But will that stop the mass killings?


When people develop a thirst for blood, many avenues exist for the taking of innocent life. Knives, machetes, and moving trucks loaded down with fertilizer all function as means of mass casualty events. So, even if the government confiscated every gun in America, those determined to kill would find means of doing so. The problem isn’t guns.

The problem is the heart.

In the last few decades, God has been expelled from the schools and in more recent years there’s a concerted effort to eliminate God from all public venues. Whenever a people turns its back on God, God removes His hand of blessing. Therefore, to see a Country devolve into violence and hatred should not be surprising at all. For those decrying “thoughts and prayers,” those sentiments and actions are what the Country desperately need…but prior to mass killings…not just after.

We’ve also fostered a culture of death. When the Supreme Court ruled that women could abort babies, our Country embarked upon a journey to lose its soul. Why would anyone respect and embrace the sanctity of life, if the most innocent isn’t even protected?

Then, I believe secular humanism contributes to America’s woes. Science proliferates the lie that mankind evolved from apes. If man is only a glorified monkey, why should we expect humanity to act more humane than an animal fending for superiority in the wild? Evolution stole the place of God when educators chose to embrace a theory instead of the true teaching of the Bible.

Other problems plague our Country, but the root of all America’s difficulties is Her refusal to keep God in His proper place. Though we pin a face to those responsible for outbreaks of violence, and saddle others with blame, real or imagined, we must remember we “wrestle not against flesh and blood.” America suffers a spiritual problem. Until the United States returns to the God of our founding, we will continue to witness horrific acts in the name of….well, you fill in the blank.

Our Country needs an old fashioned revival.