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The importance of America returning to Christian principles and Traditional Family Values



Supplements Journal Entry #2

Well, I intended to submit only weekly updates, but I thought I’d go ahead and share this news. My wife has struggled with nagging skin irritations for the last couple of years.  She’s tried over the counter creams and doctor prescribed ointments, the latest being last Monday, the 15th. These prescribed medications have done nothing more than ease the itching, the outbreaks only fading occasionally, never going completely away.
Last Wednesday, the 17th, my wife and I started Plexus.  We are taking BioCleanse currently and will add ProBio5 this week.  She’s also been applying the Plexus Body Cream a couple of WhatADifferencetimes per day.  (This in addition to what the Doctor prescribed.)  This time she has marked improvement.  In fact, we know it must be the Plexus, because the current prescribed cream is the same one given before and has only functioned as a relief for the itch…This time, with the Plexus products, not only has the itch stopped, but the irritable flare ups have mostly disappeared.  That’s only in five days!!!  We’re both rather blown away.

We can’t guarantee the same results for you.  All people respond to supplements differently.  However, this is the first time anything has worked in almost 2 years!  If you have questions, feel free to email me at: or visit our website at

Here are the before and after pictures:

beforepic1 copy

afterpic1 copy

Plexus Journal Entry #1

Several months ago, a friend from high school contacted me about supplemental products that had changed her life.  I wasn’t interested, but politely responded to her instant messages on Facebook.  Occasionally, she followed up with other information about her health and the products she took regularly to address physical issues.  Over time, I started asking questions, with the biggest being, “What’s it going to cost?”  (Isn’t that the question we always ask?)  She shared the answer and I knew our finances would not allow.  It costs money to support a wife and six kids….

For the last several months my wife’s suffered with nagging patches of eczema and my second born’s battled reoccurring bouts of strep and throat infections.  My wife’s tried several creams and medications without relief and my son’s visited the doctor multiple times, without success.  For my son, we started taking him to a homeopathic doctor and he’s improving, but not 100%.  I decided I needed to do whatever it took to help get my family well.

With the help of my parents and encouragement from Kim Lawhon (friend from high school), we decided to take the plunge.  My wife and I started the Bio Cleanse a few days ago and will be adding the ProBio5 soon.  My IMG_20160815_131311wife is also applying the Plexus Cream for the eczema.  It appears we’re guinea pigs of sorts, as several people are now curiously watching for updates and testimonies of improved health.  In fact, some are already poised to start the products as well, joining us in this healthy experiment.  I pledge to share our results…good, bad, or indifferent.  I hope to update at least once per week, so please check back regularly.

Full disclosure…I don’t believe in miracle working drugs or vitamins and supplements.  However, I believe in a God who functions as our Great Physician, often using medicines and vitamins to accomplish His healing purposes.

If you are interested in knowing more, email me at  You can also check out the products at:

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